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Libi Ku Lobi

Today, I received an email from Toni, a close Saramaccan friend. Toni Attached to his email were 5 photos of Frank standing in front of the rice milling business we created in Ligorio, the village where I served as a … Continue reading

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Saramaccan Serenade

I recently wrote an article titled “Saramaccan Serenade” for the Scene, a magazine circulated to Colgate University’s alumni, parents, friends, and students. Click on the title to access and read the online version! Let me know what you think!

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How Peace Corps Changed My Life

Now that I am back in the United States, reconnecting with my friends and family and adjusting to the realities of American life, many people ask me with fascination and respect, “So what exactly did you do down there?” It’s … Continue reading

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What Makes You Itch?

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The Last Waltz: Ligorio

My last week in Ligorio was a rollercoaster of emotion, much like every other week for the past two years, only this time it was drastically more intense. A little over a week before my departure date, I held a thank … Continue reading

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An Active Silence

The blog has gone silent but that does not mean we are not making the most of every last moment I have in Ligorio. Here is what I have been up to recently: Philip taught me how to make a … Continue reading

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In Atjoni, where the road ends and the river begins. The people of Ligorio travelled to Atjoni to help transport the rice mill and its engine back to our village. Pulling the boat up Tapawata, the first of two rapids … Continue reading

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