About Me

My name is John and I am a Colgate graduate of the Class of 2010. My Peace Corps journey began days after graduating when I was interviewed and eventually nominated to become a volunteer. After going through the legal, medical and dental evaluations, I was medically deferred for six months and was instructed to undergo shoulder surgery if I wanted to join the Peace Corps. Sure enough, I received the surgery and recovered back home in Baltimore. Eventually, I cleared by my doctor and then fulfilled a lifelong dream: to ski for a season out west in Alta, UT.

Having now skied 101 days and 650″ of light, fluffy Alta powder, I accepted an invitation to serve as a volunteer in Suriname.  I was assigned to the Community Economic Development program, which strives to improve lives by working with government, nongovernmental organizations and individuals to transfer business knowledge, skills and abilities. The focus of the program is to build sound business practices for sustainable development, help communities organize, and work with youth to increase life skills and employability.

All in all, things worked out well and I am very excited to begin the next chapter, and adventure, in my life.


6 Responses to About Me

  1. wills says:

    good luck down there hermano, great hanging before you left and look forward to all the updates. happy to lend any advice as well while you’re down there



  2. Cheryl says:


    Welcome to Suriname, and I love reading your blog! Your firsthand experience brings a unique perspective about life in Suriname–which I hope the world will read more about through your work.

    I would love to feature your blog/writing on my website http://www.surinameexplorer.com, since its primary focus is to let the world know more about Suriname. Please email me for more info.

    But more importantly, thank you for all that you do for Suriname!! It means a lot to the community! Good luck, keep uo the great work and look forward to reading more about your journey!

  3. Hi John! I love your blog and I’ve been reading it since last year. It really amaze me in many aspects and have increase in me interest for the country. Also I would like to ask you a favor, do you know any surinamese/saramaccan myths or folktales? I’ve been searching tough internet but coulnd find anything. I really curious about it

    • John Williams says:

      Hey Gloria! Thank you for the request. I just posted a folk tale that a neighbor in my village told me. I hope you enjoy!

  4. Ashlea Lemley says:

    Hey John,

    I have a super random request. I went to Suriname this past summer and worked with the Saramaccans as well. Unfortunately, I was only there for a week.

    I am currently a junior at a small private college in Texas. For a few of my classes, I am doing presentations and papers over the Saramaccans. I was wondering if I could possibly correspond with you and ask you some questions about what you observed of the Saramaccan culture.

    Ashlea Lemley

    • John Williams says:

      Hey Ashlea! Thanks for reaching out! I would absolutely love to help and can also point you in the direction of others who might be of service to you!

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