An Active Silence

The blog has gone silent but that does not mean we are not making the most of every last moment I have in Ligorio. Here is what I have been up to recently:


Philip taught me how to make a “wawai” – a gift men typically make for their wives to fan fire.


Toni took me to work – sawing massive blocks of wood to make 2×4’s

DSCF2917Dona and I jamming to our favorite Saramerican tunes on his front porch.

DSC_9859Map of Suriname


Bram, my new Belgian friend who teaches at a primary school two villages upriver, was the architect of this intricate design – credit (and thanks) to Brooke Crumpton for sewing me a beautiful Saramaccan “bandjakoto” (pictured two above)


Dawson and I







Ronaldo aka Konubee


Migiel and Steven painting the Ligorio sign which I will present to the community as a token of my appreciation.


Dona took me to his work where we worked on his dug-out canoe and cut planks from a tree. We then carried these boards to the river on our heads. After three trips, each about a half-mile in distance, my head hurt and my body was exhausted. I was definitely not used to this type of work! Luckily there were no more trips.


Ronaldo and I floated downriver for an entire day and fished out of our canoes. The empty-handed paddle back upriver to Ligorio was longer than the amount of time we spent fishing.

I caught my first piranha!!


Orveo and I caught our first “kumalu” – a fish very similar to the piranha but without the razor sharp teeth.


A majority of the six grade class after the boys won the soccer competition against the rest of the school during the Emancipation Day party called “Keti Koti.”

Peace OUTBut TODAY my thoughts go out to the members of my SUR-17 family pictured above. Yesterday, they rung a bell which hangs at the Peace Corps office in Paramaribo, representing the end of their Peace Corps service, and today they will be leaving Suriname. The rest of us will be on our way shortly!

To SUR-17, I have the upmost respect for all of you for persevering through your different individual challenges, struggling to work towards ambitious goals and sharing a sense of humanity with those you used to call strangers and now friends. CONGRATULATIONS!

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5 Responses to An Active Silence

  1. Michelle Guinee says:

    Just wanted to say how much i have enjoyed your website! Suriname and its people, as well as you and your peers, are inspiring! Thank you for sharing! xxoo Michelle Guinee

    • John Williams says:

      Thank you for your support Ms. Guinee! I am glad to hear you have enjoyed the blog and hope that I will be able to share more in person soon!

  2. Becky Pauliny says:

    You have had an amazing experience in Suriname that you will carry with you throughout your life. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and talking to your Mom and Dad about it. I know that the people of Ligorio have appreciated all of your help over the past two years and that you have also enjoyed all that you have learned and observed. Safe travels always. xoxo Becky Pauliny

  3. Kristyn Harvey says:

    Looking forward to your return home. Judging from your blogs, you’ve made a difference! I’m sure you’ll be sorely missed but we’ll be happy to have you back.
    Aunt Kristyn

  4. What great pictures, John. Revel in these last few days.

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