Pleasant Surprises

The end of 2012 brought along two pleasant surprises:

Williams Means Business in Suriname

The World According to Peace Corps in 2012

And the Photo of the Day goes to…..Pompea

DSC_3087Pompea is the school boat driver and his house is located in the middle of the Awaadam rapid. This picture was taken during the dry season but during the rainy season, the river flows through the stilts under the house. Pompea has taught me much about patience and generosity and has even looked after Baba for me. In December, I spent a weekend with him and slept by tying my hammock under his house.


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3 Responses to Pleasant Surprises

  1. Becky Pauliny says:

    John, The two articles were great – continue your good work! And the Ravens were big winners yesterday – that made all of us fans here in Baltimore very happy! It was definitely Ray Lewis’s Day. However, he stressed team all day long. Good for him! Go Ravens!! Becky

  2. Belo trabalho!
    Intercâmbio com diferente cultura e conceder novas oportunidades aos nativos. Valeu!

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