Patagonia Pictures

Check out my pictures from Patagonia!

I lived outside the town of Coyhaique (Chile) for 3 weeks visiting Alec Griswold, a new friend who is starting an adventure outfitter.  I owe many thanks to Alec for inviting me to Chile and sharing our affinity for adventure.  I also wanted to thank my Chilean friends, especially Eduardo, Pilar and the rest of their family for opening up their house to another “gringo loco.” As a result, I have now fallen in love with Patagonia’s majestic beauty and culture.

Coyhaique, Chile

Now to the MOST IMPORTANT NEWS! Mary and David Williams are coming to Suriname tomorrow! It has been 336 days since I last hugged my parents and I can’t wait to experience everything, Surinamese and Saramaccan, with them!




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3 Responses to Patagonia Pictures

  1. "Charlie" Smith says:

    Hi John (aka Barn Boy, sorry couldn’t resist), It’s me, “Charlie” Smith. I have signed up to receive your blog. When I found out your Dad and Mom were coming to visit your Dad told me all about your adventure and gave me the link for your blog. I just spoke with your Dad and he is at the airport in Miami. I know you all will have a glorious time during their visit and will talk about it forever. I, myself, am enjoying your blog immensely. Take care!

  2. Mary Wilson says:

    Hi John,
    Your mom, Mary, is one of my knitting students. She has been telling us about her trip and she is so excited to see you! I know all of you will have a wonderful time! Be sure and take a lot of pictures of them…I’ll make sure to show them in the class she is in when she gets back. I have told her that she and your dad have certainly raised a wonderful son.

    • John Williams says:

      Ms. Wilson,
      Thanks for your nice note! We had a blast out in Ligorio and being able to share my experience with my parents was incredible! They will be coming home to Baltimore with plenty of stories (and pictures!) so be prepared for the next knitting class.

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